Tumor Treatment Visualization

Optune by Novocure is a new, innovative method for the treatment of brain tumors. The non-invasive procedure differs fundamentally from known forms of treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy. Specific properties of electrical fields are leveraged to influence the growth of tumor cells.

Yoram Palti, the founder of Novocure and inventor of the process, once said in the early stages of development: “Nobody understands what I’m doing here.”

To make the treatment with tumor treating fields easier for doctors and patients to understand, Frame Factory on behalf of Pengland/Novocure developed an augmented reality application. Electric fields have a three-dimensional effect, deep inside the brain. A 3-D display allowing the viewer to move freely has many advantages over 2D visualization.

A virtual model is placed in the room using a tablet or smartphone. All explanations can be experienced directly on the model. The user is able to move freely around the model and to inspect the virtual model from all sides.

Skills and Technologies

  • Modeling and animation with Cinema 4D
  • Augmented Reality programming with Unity
  • Mobile application development for Apple iPhones/iPads with XCode