Neil Armstrong Spacesuit

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the moon, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. released a full 3D scan of Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit. The scan includes suit, helmet and gloves. The data acquired by multiple scanning methods such as photogrammetry, structured light, and CT was carefully combined into an extremely accurate, high resolution digital representation.

Frame Factory was tasked with the creation of a unique web experience based on the digitized spacesuit. We converted the more than 300 Gigabytes of raw data to a much smaller web-ready dataset, preserving as many features as possible.

Live Experience

Based on the custom Voyager 3D Web Explorer we developed for the Smithsonian, we designed a rich interactive experience, showcasing many known and unknown features of Neil Armstrong’s suit.

Tasks and Technologies

  • Design and development of the Voyager 3D Explorer (Typescript, WebGL)
  • Processing of the high resolution 3D scan data
  • Story and interaction programming