Time Again

What if disused smartphones were given a second life? If the long-serving, life-experienced loners could for once be part of a team?

Time Again connects the displays and touch interfaces of any number of smart devices. The phones and tablets, arranged according to an algorithmic principle in a circle around a central light, merge into one unit without losing their individuality.

The circular shape symbolizes repetition and impermanence: an apparently recurring sequence in the context of the day, but actually an irreversible linear process. Graphical animations combine cyclical elements with generative patterns that emerge and dissolve at every moment.

In Time Again, temporal linearity and repetition, individual and group, vectors and pixels in space and time form a continuous, constantly changing narrative.

Time Again is built with «Montage», a software specially developed for this project. A network of intelligent input and output devices is created from individual smartphones. Each device involved is aware of its surroundings, knows its neighbors, identifies itself and takes a specific role in the overall process.

The sensory input of every smartphone are passed on and can be processed by any other device. The system is calibrated and remote controlled very easily using an additional smartphone.


Ralph Wiedemeier
Concept, art direction, software development, animation.

Andrin Rehmann
Generative programming, software development, animation.

Andreas Bhend, Bhend Design Studio
Hardware design and previsualisations, artistic assistance.

Till Bay, Comerge AG
Sponsor, artistic assistance.