Tracks Of Life

Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you. You must travel it by yourself.
– Walt Whitman

The seven-part image and sound cycle «Tracks of life» explores the fundamental questions of being human in a universal context.

Mathematics meets philosophy, humanities meets natural science, artificial intelligence meets human intuition. Light and sound bring the physical images to life, draw ephemeral traces. Stories emerge and fade away.

To the pictures of the Baden/Switzerland artist Roman Hofer, Ralph Wiedemeier combines algorithmically generated light traces with his own musical composition into a meditative journey for the senses. The mesmerizing moments of light and color are also reflected in his photographs.

Artwork «Who Am I» by Roman Hofer. Shakuhachi improvisation by Jürg Zurmühle. Generative light projection, musical arrangement and additional instruments by Ralph Wiedemeier.

Live performance based on the artwork «Perception Is Everything» by Roman Hofer. Generative light projection, music composition, software development: Ralph Wiedemeier.

Skills and Technologies

  • Music composition
  • Generative art
  • Real-time software development