About Frame Factory

Frame Factory was founded by Ralph Wiedemeier. After receiving his master’s degree with distinction in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, Ralph did research at Pixar Animation Studios and led a development team at Autodesk in the USA.

The designer and software engineer has a keen sense for the interplay between technology and design. He loves to create sustainable solutions which are a pleasure to use. With Frame Factory, he works his magic for many large and small clients in Switzerland, Europe and the USA.

Great Software

Great software is intuitive.

Software gets us from A to B, but great software makes the trip a joy. On the shortest path, and preferably without intensive map study. For this, intuitive user guidance is crucial. Steps are logically structured, options are available at the right moment. Well-maintained and signposted paths are a prerequisite for a pleasant and productive journey.

Great software is sustainable.

Program code is written once, but read, adapted, updated and executed countless times. Good code is also documentation, is easy to test, read and understand. A well thought-out architecture, and the right degree of abstraction and modularity are crucial for the maintainability and extensibility of software.

Great software is fun.

Software has long been part of our lifes. We use countless apps, websites, devices and programs every day. Great software doesn’t get in the way, it inspires us in our tasks and activities. Only when it’s fun we look forward to come back.

What we do for you

Listening, thinking and planning

Listening is key. We can’t solve tasks we do not understand in detail. Complexity arises by itself, the art lies in simplification. Good planning is essential for sustainable success.

Software Engineering

We develop software with a focus on user experience, interaction, visualization and rendering. We work with modern tools, libraries and programming languages. And we create for all media and platforms: For the web, for mobile, server, desktop and embedded. In 2D, 3D, virtual and augmented reality.

Tools and Technologies

  • Full-Stack web development with Typescript, Javascript, WebAssembly, Node.js, React
  • Native/mobile/desktop apps with Flutter/Dart, C++/Qt, Rust, C#, Python, Swift, Java
  • Deep Learning with PyTorch and TensorFlow
  • 3D graphics and animation with OpenGL/Vulkan, WebGL/WebGPU, WebXR, Unity
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP32

Content and Design

We create and design with Blender, Cinema 4D, Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc.), Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro.

What can we do for you?