Pfister Moods

With 20 stores and 1200 employees, Möbel Pfister AG is the market leader in the Swiss furniture retail sector.

The Pfister product catalog includes several tens of thousands items. Most of the furniture and accessories are displayed isolated, on a white background. It is difficult to imagine how a chair, bed or sofa would look in a matching environment. At the same time, it is close to impossible to photograph each individual item against a suitable background.

Frame Factory developed an application for Pfister that uses Generative Artificial Intelligence to automatically generate a suitable environment for each product image. The sofa no longer stands in isolation, but blends seamlessly into the room in a matching style.

A specially developed, so-called outpainting algorithm stages the product in a perspective-correct environment, including lighting and shadows. The image creation takes only a few seconds and in many cases is already replacing days of photo shoots. With the rapid advancement of generative artificial intelligence, the achievable image quality will continue to increase.

The consistently high-quality results are checked manually before they are published in the Pfister Shop. The software we developed supports and orchestrates the entire process, starting with the selection of the items to be processed, the review process and the publication in the store.